AOY Standings

PositionAngler NameSmith Mountain LakeJames
1Dustin Good9896194
2Travis Belcher10092192
3Jacob Novak9694190
4Scott Perkins9290182
5Sean Boorsma9484178
6Randall Combs76100176
7Gary Duncan8686172
8Jacob Hammock9080170
9James Coleman8288170
10Wyatt Novak6098158
11Brian Lewis7280152
12Josh Reith6880148
13Michael Cooley6080140
14Nathan Green88088
15Joseph Brantley84084
16Jack Larter08282
17Victor Hendrix80080
18Lorrie Lewis08080
19Tony Bryant78078
20Jon Mehus74074
21Christopher Parker70070
22Jonathan Graham66066
23Phil Turner64064
24Gregory Oaks62062
25Barry Sumner60060
26Chai Saing60060
27Jackie George II60060
28Jeremy Akers60060
29Joshua Graver60060
30Mike Salas60060
31Ross McVey60060
32Torri Webb60060
33Will Brewer60060


AnglerSmith Mountain LakeJames RiverTotal Missed Points
Casey Reed1st Place – 100pts100
James Stanley4th Place – 94pts94
Taylor Green21st Place – 60pts60
Brandon Ashburn24th Place – 54pts54
Chris Hall30th Place – 52pts52
Points missed due to non-payment of 2021 KAV Membership Fee prior to the start of competition

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